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The Latest Sightings pages from this website have been archived back to the year 2000. Just click on the appropriate link below:

September and October 2023 Sightings.
July and August 2023 Sightings
May and June 2023 Sightings.
March and April 2023 Sightings.
January and February 2023 Sightings.
November and December 2022 Sightings.
September and October 2022 Sightings
July and August 2022 Sightings
May and June 2022 Sightings.
March and April 2022 Sightings.
January and February 2022 Sightings.
November and December 2021 Sightings
September and October 2021 Sightings
July and August 2021 Sightings
May and June 2021 Sightings.
March and April 2021 Sightings.
January and February 2021 Sightings
November and December 2020 Sightings.
September and October 2020 Sightings.

July and August 2020 Sightings.
May and June 2020 Sightings.
March and April 2020 Sightings.
January and February 2020 Sightings.

November and December 2019 Sightings.
September and October 2019 Sightings.
July and August 2019 Sightings.
May and June 2019 Sightings.
March and April 2019 Sightings.
January and February 2019 Sightings.

November and December 2018 Sightings.

September and October 2018 Sightings.
July and August 2018 Sightings.
May and June 2018 Sightings.

March and April 2018 Sightings.
January and February 2018 Sightings.
November and December 2017 Sightings.
September and October 2017 Sightings.

July and August 2017 Sightings.

May and June 2017 Sightings.
March and April 2017 Sightings.

January and February 2017 Sightings.
November and December 2016 Sightings.
September and October 2016 Sightings.
July and August 2016 Sightings.

May and June 2016 Sightings.
March and April 2016 Sightings.
January and February 2016 Sightings.
November and December 2015 Sightings.
September and October 2015 Sightings.
July and August 2015 Sightings.
May and June 2015 Sightings.
March and April 2015 Sightings.
January and February 2015 Sightings.
November and December 2014 Sightings.
September and October 2014 Sightings.
July and August 2014 Sightings.
May and June 2014 Sightings.

March and April 2014 Sightings.

January and February 2014 Sightings.
November and December 2013 Sightings.
September and October 2013 Sightings.
July and August 2013 Sightings.
May and June 2013 Sightings.
March and April 2013 Sightings.

January and February 2013 Sightings.
November and December 2012 Sightings.
September and October 2012 Sightings.
July and August 2012 Sightings.
May and June 2012 Sightings.

March and April 2012 Sightings.

January and February 2012 Sightings.
November and December 2011 Sightings.
September and October 2011 Sightings.
July and August 2011 Sightings.
May and June 2011 Sightings.
March and April 2011 Sightings.
January and February 2011 Sightings.
November and December 2010 Sightings.
September and October 2010 Sightings.
July and August 2010 Sightings.
May and June 2010 Sightings.
March and April 2010 Sightings.
January and February 2010 Sightings.
November and December 2009 Sightings.
September and October 2009 Sightings.
July and August 2009 Sightings.
May and June 2009 Sightings.
March and April 2009 Sightings.
January and February 2009 Sightings.
November and December 2008 Sightings.
September and October 2008 Sightings.
July and August 2008 Sightings.
May and June 2008 Sightings.
March and April 2008 Sightings.
January and February 2008 Sightings.
November and December 2007 Sightings.
September and October 2007 Sightings.
July and August 2007 Sightings.
May and June 2007 Sightings.
March and April 2007 Sightings.
January and February 2007 Sightings.
November and December 2006 Sightings.
September and October 2006 Sightings.
July and August 2006 Sightings.
May and June 2006 Sightings.
March and April 2006 Sightings.
January and February 2006 Sightings.
November and December 2005 Sightings.
September and October 2005 Sightings.
July and August 2005 Sightings.
May and June 2005 Sightings.
March and April 2005 Sightings.
January and February 2005 Sightings.
November and December 2004 Sightings.
September and October 2004 Sightings.
July and August 2004 Sightings.
May and June 2004 Sightings.
March and April 2004 Sightings.
January and February 2004 Sightings.
November and December 2003 Sightings.
September and October 2003 Sightings.
July and August 2003 Sightings.
May and June 2003 Sightings.
March and April 2003 Sightings.
January and February 2003 Sightings.
November and December 2002 Sightings.
September and October 2002 Sightings.
July and August 2002 Sightings.
May and June 2002 Sightings.
March and April 2002 Sightings.
January and February 2002 Sightings.
December 2001 Sightings.
October and November 2001 Sightings.
August and September 2001 Sightings.
June and July 2001 Sightings.
April and May 2001 Sightings.
January to March 2001 Sightings.
November and December 2000 Sightings.
September and October 2000 Sightings.

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