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The National Oceanography Centre publishes the Liverpool Tide Table for the next 28 days. These predictions (both times and heights) are the same as published by Laver's in their Liverpool Tide Table booklet and are the same as shown in the various birdwatching events - NOTE times are always GMT so add one hour for BST. The time and height of each month's spring tides (i.e. highest tides) are published in the monthly newsletter.
Also see the Admiralty EasyTide Website which has tide times for the next seven days for Hilbre Island, Mostyn Docks, Connah's Quay and Chester.

Tide times on the Dee Estuary are the same as for Liverpool except that the high tide at the mouth of the estuary (e.g. Hoylake, West Kirby, Hilbre, Mostyn and Point of Ayr) are about 20 minutes earlier. High tides further in to the estuary on the Welsh side (e.g. Flint and Connah's Quay) are about the same as Liverpool whereas at Parkgate and Burton they are about 20 minutes later for the former and at least 30 minutes at the latter, as the tide has to make its way over the marsh. Note that tide times are often printed as GMT even during the British Summer time period. 

Details of when to visit Hilbre in relation to low and high tide are given here see also latest Hilbre Weather.

It is strongly advised:
1. Never venture away from the foreshore unless you know exactly the time of the next high tide.
2. Always be back on dry land at least two hours before high tide.

The tide comes in with frightening speed - so be warned!

Remember that the height of the tides can vary from that predicted depending on the prevailing weather conditions. In particular a strong wind from the south west, west or north west can result in a much higher tide than predicted.