The Hoylake “Bird Observatory” Bird Report for 2000-1

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Systematic list -
Red-throated Diver to Grey Phalarope, see February 2002 Newsletter.    
Pomarine Skua to Kittiwake.
Sandwich Tern to Turtle Dove.
Cuckoo to Rock Pipit.
Yellow Wagtail to Blackbird.
Fieldfare to Willow Warbler.
Goldcrest to Carrion Crow (below).  
Starling to Corn Bunting .   

The status line included for each species is adapted from the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society's bird report.

Goldcrest                                        Regulus regulus

Common resident and winter visitor
First recorded on Aug 30th 2000. A tiny autumn passage peaked with three on Oct 1st and finished on Oct 22nd.

Two were in the back garden on Jan 13th 2001, with spring passage starting on Mar 15th and continuing until Apr 23rd. Autumn passage occurred between Sept 21st and Oct 28th, peaking at ten on Oct 22nd.


Firecrest                                        Regulus inicapillus

Rare winter visitor and migrant
A female moved through the back garden in a Long-tailed Tit flock on Sept 10th 2000.


Spotted Flycatcher                                      Muscicapa striata

Uncommon summer visitor
Singles on May 13th 2000, Aug 25th 2001 and Sept 1st 2001.


Pied Flycatcher                                   Ficedula hypoleuca

Scarce summer visitor

A spanking male spent the morning by the stream on Apr 30th 2001.


Long-tailed Tit                                   Aegithalos caudatus

Common resident
Recorded regularly in autumn and early spring, with several flocks in excess of 50. A pair were regularly seen collecting feathers and spiders webs in Mar 2001, though we did not find a nest.


Coal Tit                                                   Parus ater

Common resident
Up to five were seen occasionally through the summer of 2000, with marked dispersal noted in Sept and October. 40 on Sept 9th 2000 and 35 on Sept 26th 2001 were the largest day counts for each year.


Blue Tit                                           Parus caerulus

Abundant resident
One or two pairs resident throughout, though none bred within the grounds. Autumn dispersal was well marked in both years, with 60 on Sept 9th 2000 and 75 on Sept 26th 2001 the peaks.


Great Tit                                      Parus major

Very common resident
One or two resident throughout. Dispersal less marked than the previous two species, though 20 went W on Sept 9th 2000.


Nuthatch                                       Sitta europaea

Fairy common resident
Singles on May 11th and Jul 1st 2001.


Jay                                             Garrulus glandarius

Common resident
Singles On Oct 15th 2000, Dec 29th 2000 and Sept 23rd 2001 are the only records so far.


Magpie                                         Pica pica

Very common resident
One pair resident throughout. Attempted to breed in the Holly hedge.


Jackdaw                                  Corvus monedula

Common resident and winter visitor
Two on Sept 28th 2000, Sept 30th 2000 and Sept 23rd 2001 and five on Oct 28th 2001 are the only records so far.


Rook                                              Corvus frugilegus

Very common resident
Singles on Mar 28th and Mar 30th 2001 are the only records of this species which is always infrequent on N.Wirral. JET chased the first W through Hoylake in order to see it over the garden.


Carrion Crow                                             Corvus corone

Very common resident
Recorded daily, with two pairs regularly scavenging on the tideline. One bird developed a technique of reaching under the eaves to remove Feral Pigeon eggs, which it continued to do as fast as they could lay them. On Apr 1st 2001 24 gathered together in a tight pack on the sand about half way to Hilbre before breaking up and flying in many different directions, with 22 repeating the process on Apr 12th. Perhaps this was the Carrion Crow equivalent of a “Magpie meeting”.

Starling to Reed Bunting.