The Hoylake “Bird Observatory” Bird Report for 2000-1

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Systematic list -
Red-throated Diver to Grey Phalarope, see February 2002 Newsletter.    
Pomarine Skua to Kittiwake.
Sandwich Tern to Turtle Dove (below).  
Cuckoo to Rock Pipit.
Yellow Wagtail to Blackbird.
Fieldfare to Willow Warbler.
Goldcrest to Carrion Crow . 
Starling to Corn Bunting .   

The status line included for each species is adapted from the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society's bird report.

Sandwich Tern                    Sterna sanvicensis

Uncommon coastal migrant and non-breeding summer visitor
In 2000 first recorded on Jun 6th with the last record of that year 35 on Oct 1st. In 2001 recorded between Mar 28th and Sept 29th. Post-breeding flocks peaked at 200 on Jul 31st 2000 and 150 on Aug 1st 2001.


Roseate Tern                      Sterna dougalii

One was seen flying off the north end of Hilbre on Sept 9th 2000. Although distinctive, it would not in all honesty have been claimable from the house without a live commentary on its activities coming from Hilbre!


Common Tern                     Sterna hirundo

Fairly common migrant and non-breeding summer visitor at the coast
Recorded from when we moved in until Oct 1st 2000 then again from Apr 7th 2001 until Sept 15th. A roost of 438 including 217 juvs on Aug 31st 2000 was the highest count of the year.

Numbers were rather lower in 2001, with the highest post-breeding roost 150 on Aug 22nd. 200 passed W on Sept 7th in a general movement of seabirds.


Arctic Tern                          Sterna paradisaea

Scarce coastal migrant and non-breeding summer visitor
In 2000 two to seven were recorded on seven dates between Jul 13th and Oct 1st. Three extremely late birds passed west on Nov 1st.

In 2001 recorded on nine widely spaced dates between Apr 5th and Sept 15th. 22 were seen on Apr 15th while 36 were part of the general W movement on Sept 7th.

Little Tern                        Sterna albifrons

Uncommon coastal migrant and non-breeding summer visitor
In 2000, recorded from when we moved in until Aug 2nd, with a very late straggler on Oct 1st. The post-breeding roost peaked at 155, including 55 juvs on Jul 31st.

In 2001 first recorded on Apr 22nd, but not again until Jul 22nd. The post-breeding flock was slightly smaller, peaking at 100 on several dates in late Jul and early Aug. Last noted on Aug 22nd, when 75 were still present.


Black Tern                        Childonias niger

Very scare migrant except for occasional large movements
Two on Oct 5th and four on Oct 5th 2000, then one on Sept 2nd, four on Sept 7th and a further single on Sept 15th 2001.


Guillemot                        Uria aalge

Scarce coastal visitor
In 2000, recorded regularly, except between Jun 24th and Sept 6th. A spectacular passage of auk spp, the vast majority of which were this species occurred in October. The highest day total 1280 were recorded passing W on Oct 23rd, peaking at around 2400 per hour timed over a ten minute period.

There was a similar pattern of occurrence in 2001, with the peak this time occurring on Oct 28th when a minimum of 5000 were recorded passing at around 3300 per hour in flocks of up to 300. Needless to say the Red Rocks record was surpassed.


Razorbill                               Alca torda

Scarce coastal visitor
Much scarcer than the above species, with only three records outside the "auk passage season". 130 were part of the major movement on Oct 23rd 2000 while 35 were noted on Oct 28th 2001. The former is a record for the Red Rocks recording area.

Puffin                                 Fratercula arctica



One on May 24th 2000 was presumably the bird that was also recorded off Red Rocks. Singles on Oct 23rd and Oct 26th 2000, three on Oct 28th 2001 and a record eight the following day were the remaining records.


Feral Pigeon                      Columbia livia

Common resident
Recorded daily, with a small colony of up to three pairs nesting under our neighbour's eaves. The maximum feeding flock was 24 on Nov 5th 2001.


Stock Dove                       Columbia oenas

Fairly common widespread resident
Two on Mar 23rd 2001 was the only record. Typical of the red Rocks pattern of appearance!


Woodpigeon                    Columbia palumbus

Very common widespread resident
In 2000 only recorded on May 20th when a pair displayed on the back lawn. In 2001 recorded between Feb 14th and May 11th, when 12 moved West.


Collared Dove                          Streptopelia decaocto

Common widespread resident
Recorded daily and attempted to breed on our neighbour's security light both years. 24 on Nov 14th 2000, feeding on grain put down to attract finches remains our largest count.


Turtle Dove                              Streptopelia turtur

Very scare summer visitor
One flew the front garden on May 31st 2000.

Cuckoo to Rock Pipit