The Hoylake “Bird Observatory” Bird Report for 2000-1

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Systematic list -
Red-throated Diver to Grey Phalarope, see February 2002 Newsletter.    
Pomarine Skua to Kittiwake.
Sandwich Tern to Turtle Dove.
Cuckoo to Rock Pipit.
Yellow Wagtail to Blackbird.
Fieldfare to Willow Warbler (below).  
Goldcrest to Carrion Crow . 
Starling to Corn Bunting .   

The status line included for each species is adapted from the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society's bird report.  

Fieldfare                                      Turdus pilaris

Common winter visitor and migrant

In 2000 there were 44 On Oct 5th, two on Dec 28th and six the following day. Two on Jan 21st and 660 SW on Oct 28th were the only 2001 records.


Song Thrush                                Turdus philomelus

Common resident and winter visitor
First recorded on Oct 5th 2000 when two flew over, another passage bird flew S on Oct 14th before a bird took up residence in the front garden on Dec 6th 2000. It was joined by a second on Dec 21st and both were recorded until Feb 25th 2001. There were only three more records for 2001, singles on Jul 25th, Oct 28th and Dec 18th.


Redwing                                             Turdus illiacus

Common winter visitor and migrant

First recorded on Oct 5th 2000, when 71 moved SW. There were two more records of singles in Oct then a marked increase towards the year-end. On Dec 29th 2000, 250 demolished all the remaining berries in the back garden and reduced our chances of luring in a Waxwing.

Passage in 2001 occurred between Sept 23rd and Oct 28th, with 250 on Oct 19th and 195 on the last date the highest counts we recorded.


Mistle Thrush Turdus viscivorus

Common Resident
One or two present throughout both years.


Grasshopper Warbler                     Locustella naevia

Scarce summer visitor
A largish Locustella, assumed to this species gave JET a fright when it broke cover from the front garden long grass on Sept 28th 2000. Two different birds were singing on the morning on May 5th 2001, one from the Holly hedge and one from No 12 North Parade.


Sedge Warbler                             Acrocephalus schoenabaenus

Fairly common summer visitor
One was seen from the bedroom window on our first morning in the house! In 2001 recorded on four dates between May 4th and May 11th, with four birds singing in the front and back gardens on May 5th.


Reed Warbler                              Acrocephalus scripaecus

Uncommon summer visitor
One on Sept 21st 2001 looked pretty amazing skulking in the Tree Mallow at the bottom of the front garden.


Lesser Whitethroat                       Sylvia curruca

Uncommon summer visitor
Singles on Sept 24th 2000, May 11th 2001 and Jul 20th 2001. The May bird was singing!


Whitethroat                                Sylvia communis

Common summer visitor
In 2000 singles were recorded on May 14th and Sept 12th. In 2001 one to four were recorded on five dates between Apr 24th and May 15th, with a single autumn bird on Sept 21st.


Garden Warbler                        Sylvia borin

Fairly common summer visitor
Singles on Oct 1st2000, alongside something that looked suspiciously like a Barred Warbler, May 11th 2001 and Sept 26th 2001 are the only records so far.


Blackcap                                 Sylvia atricapilla

Common summer visitor, scarce winter visitor
One to three on three dates between Sept 12th and Oct 1st completed autumn passage in 2000. One moved west through the garden on Dec 23rd 2000.

In 2001 a male on Mar 15th was the only spring record. Two on both Sept 21st and 23rd and a single on Dec 16th completed the year.


Yellow-browed Warbler          Phylloscopus inoratus

One on the 23rd Sept 2001 was initially heard from the bathroom. It called continuously for ten minutes from the back garden of 13 Marine Rd before breaking from cover through the back garden in the company of a large flock of Long-tailed Tits.


Chiffchaff                                 Phylloscpus colybitta

Common summer visitor and very scarce winter visitor
Just four records in 2000, singles on Sept 4th, Oct 13th and presumably the same birds on Dec 11th and 14th.

2001 brought one or two on six dates between Mar 6th and Apr 11th and six between Sept 21st and Oct 16th


Willow Warbler                        Phylloscopus trochilus

Very common summer visitor
After singles on Jun 26th and Jul 21st, autumn passage got underway on Aug 12th and continued until Sept 30th 2000, with eight on Sept 11th the highest day total.

In 2001 spring passage started on Mar 30th and continued until May 16th, though no more than four were recorded on any one day. Singles on Jul 20th and Sept 21st were the only autumn records, though we missed the peak passage period through holiday.

Goldcrest to Carrion Crow.