The Hoylake “Bird Observatory” Bird Report for 2000-1

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Systematic list -
Red-throated Diver to Grey Phalarope, see February 2002 Newsletter.    
Pomarine Skua to Kittiwake.
Sandwich Tern to Turtle Dove.
Cuckoo to Rock Pipit.
Yellow Wagtail to Blackbird.
Fieldfare to Willow Warbler.
Goldcrest to Carrion Crow .  
Starling to Corn Bunting (below).  

The status line included for each species is adapted from the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society's bird report.

Starling                                         Sturnus vulgaris

Very common resident and abundant winter visitor
Around 30 birds present throughout both years. In late autumn large numbers moved west, though were not always recorded. 700 on Oct 10th 2000 and 350 on Oct 28th 2001 were the highest day counts for each year.


House Sparrow                                    Passer domesticus

Very common resident
Up to 20 resident throughout. A large flock built up in autumn 2000, attracted by several kilos of grain! A count of 55 on Oct 20th was just pipped by one of 56 on Dec 21st for the record. In 2001 the feeding flock was smaller, peaking at 35 on Oct 28th.


Tree Sparrow                                        Passe montanus

Fairly common resident
Five flew W on Oct 5th 2000 and two did the same on Oct 28th 2001.


Chaffinch                                        Fringilla coelebs

Abundant resident and winter visitor
277 on Oct 5th, 35 on Oct 10th and 175 on Oct 22nd were the largest movements of autumn 2000. Odd one and twos were recorded through the winter and into spring 2001, with the last record on May 5th.

2001 showed a similar pattern with 750 logged moving W between Oct 22nd and Nov 5th.


Brambling                                       Fringilla montafringilla

Uncommon winter visitor
Five on Oct 5th 2000, two on Oct 22nd 2001 and 12 on Oct 28th 2001 are the only records so far. All birds moving W.


Greenfinch                                          Carduelis chloris

Common resident
Almost ever present at the garden feeders, with up to 60 joining the Sparrows in autumn 2000. 195 W on Oct 22nd 2000 and 60 on Oct 28th 2001 were the largest recorded passage days in both years.


Goldfinch                                       Carduelis carduelis

Common resident and migrant

Recorded more or less daily, with up to 40 joining the feeding flocks of finches in both autumns.


Siskin                                   Carduelis spinus

Fairly common winter visitor and migrant, scarce breeder
Regularly recorded in both passage periods, with 18 on Oct 5th 2000 and ten on both Apr 12th 2001 and Oct 21st 2001 the highest counts. Three on Jun 28th 2001 was an exceptional record in the local context.


Linnet                                     Carduelis canabinna

Common resident and migrant
In 2000 present almost daily, with two pairs regularly feeding on the front lawn. 25 joined the finch flock on Jan 7th 2001, with 15 still present on Feb 24th. In the rest of 2001 there were only three May records and one autumn record, a flock of 25, on Oct 28th.


Lesser Redpoll                         Carduelis cabaret

Fairly common resident and winter visitor
In 2000 there was a single on May 13th, three on Oct 5th then singles on Oct 12th and 14th. In 2001 there was a well-marked spring passage between Apr 16th and May 21st, though no more than six were seen on any one day. Six on Oct 28th was the only autumn record of the year.


Bullfinch                                          Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Common widespread
One flew low through the garden on Oct 28th 2001.


Snow Bunting                                     Plectrophenax nivialis

Rare migrant and winter visitor
Two overhead on Oct 22nd 2000 and a single the following day. We also recorded this species in late Mar 2000, when we were viewing the house for the first time.


Yellowhammer                                  Emberiza citrinella

Common resident
Three overhead on Oct 5th 2000 and a single on Oct 28th 2001 were typical records for the area.


Reed Bunting                                   Emberiza schoeniclus

Common resident
Singles flew over on Oct 5th and Oct 14th 2000, while six were part of a heavy and varied overhead passage on Oct 28th 2001.


Corn Bunting Miliaria calandra

Uncommon resident
On flew W on Oct 28th 2001. This species have never been common in the area and since breeding ceased at Meols in 1995, it has become a major rarity.


Other Escapes

Fulvous Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolour  

A full-winged adult was seen “legging it” down the tide edge on Sept 10th 2000. It apparently had spent the tide roosting on Bird Rock. Despite the presence of Nearctic waders at the time, it is probably safer to assume that this is the bird that was seen earlier in the year on the N.Wales coast!


Yellow-fronted Canary Serinus mozamibus

One joined the large finch flock on Oct 20th 2000


Rosefinch spp

On Oct 17th 2001, a juv Rosefinch that most closely fitted Housefinch, made two visits to the bird table. There was uneven wear to the primaries, suggesting captive origin.


Red-throated Diver to Grey Phalarope, see February 2002 Newsletter.    
Pomarine Skua to Kittiwake.
Sandwich Tern to Turtle Dove.
Cuckoo to Rock Pipit.
Yellow Wagtail to Blackbird.
Fieldfare to Willow Warbler.
Goldcrest to Carrion Crow .