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The Dee Estuary, on the North Wales / North-West England border, is one of the United Kingdom's premier birding locations for wetland and shorebirds. This Website describes the best Dee Estuary birdwatching areas with detailed maps and latest bird news for dedicated twitchers and casual birdwatchers alike.

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July Newsletter now published on this website featuring Knots at Leasowe in June, Colour Ring Report and June Bird News.
Newsletters going back to March 1998 can be read, they are indexed both month by month and by subject matter.

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July 16
1 Little Gull (2cy) - Hoylake Shore.
3 Greenshank over, all calling - Leasowe Gunsite.
2,850 Black-tailed Godwit - Caldy Wildfowl Collection.

July 15
1 Whimbrel, 34 Dunlin, 2 Sanderling, 2 adult Mediterranean Gull over high tide - Dove Point, Meols.
1 Spotted Flycatcher in tree near Denhall Quay.

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Sandwich Terns between Little Eye and Middle Eye this morning, July 15th Richard Smith

Whimbrel on Meols Shore, July 11th Sean O'Hara

Little Gull (centre), Meols Shore, July 10th Alan Conlin

Little Gull at Meols, July 8th Sean O'Hara

A single Black-tailed Godwit with the roosting knots, Leasowe Gunsite, July 8th Richard Smith

The over-summering flock of knots roosting on the tide edge early morning off Leasowe Gunsite
July 8th Richard Smith

Black-tailed Godwits at Caldy Wildfowl Collection, July 6th Richard Smith

Manx Shearwater at New Brighton, July 4th Sean O'Hara

Mediterranean Gull at hoylake, June 27th Allan Conlin

Goosanders enjoying the sun this morning at Heswall, June 22nd Steve Hinde

Sanderling at Gronant, June 16th Ian Sheppard

Gannet and Fulmar at Hilbre, June 16th Alan Hitchmough

Common Whitethroat on Heswall Marsh, June 13th John Crook

Stonechat on marsh by Heswall GC, June 12th Bruce Hogan

Knots and Oystercatchers off Leasowe Gunsite, June 12th Richard Smith

Little Stint on Meols Shore, June 9th Allan Conlin

Blackcap singing by the Wirral Way at Parkgate, June 5th John Crook

Bar-tailed Godwits at Burton Mere Wetlands, May 30th Steve Round

Cetti's Warbler fledgling, Burton Mere Wetlands, May 28th Steve Rround

Curlew Sandpiper at Meols, May 28th Sean O'Hara

Curlew Sandpiper with Ringed Plovers, Hilbre, May 26th Steve Williams

House Martin collecting mud for nest-bulding, Heswall Shore, May 26th David Thompson

Osprey at Hilbre, May 26th Alan Hitchmough

Short-eared Owl inland of coastal paddocks, Leasowe Lighthouse. May 19th Sean O'Hara

Swallow on Hilbre, May 19th Alan Hitchmough

Spotted Flycatcher, Leasowe Lighthouse, May 15th Eddie Williams

Whinchat along Park Lane, Leasowe Lighthouse, May 12th Anthony Ramsden

Avocet mobbing an Osprey, Burton Mere Wetlands, May 9th Steve Round

Spotted Flycatcher at Hilbre, May 8th Alan Hitchmough

Short-eared Owl at Hilbre, May 8th Alan Hitchmough

Black Guillemot at Hilbre, May 6th Steve Williams

Blue-headed Wagtail at Leasowe Lighthouse, May 6th Sean O'Hara

Garden Warbler at Leasowe Lighthouse, May 5th Jeremy Bradshaw

Whimbrels at Hilbre, May 4th Alan Hitchmough

Short-eared Owl in hedge on edge of marsh, Heswall, May 4th Steve Hinde

Another Iberian Chiffchaff, by Park Lane at Leasowe Lighthouse, May 3rd Sean O'Hara

Iberian Chiffchaff near Kerr's Field, Leasowe Lighthouse, May 1st Sean O'Hara

Oystercatcher and Red Knots off Leasowe Lighthouse, May 1st Richard Smith

Whinchat on the tidewrack at Burton Marsh, April 29th Andrew Ingham

'Channel' Yellow Wagtail at Kerr's Field, Leasowe, April 28th Colin Schofield

Cuckoo at Leasowe Lighthouse, April 27th Sean O'Hara

Ring Ouzel near Lingham Lane, Moreton, April 26th Sean O'Hara

Yellow Wagtail in the horse paddocks, Leasowe Lighthouse, April 25th Jeremy Bradshaw

Whimbrels at Thurstaston, April 24th Richard Smith

Grasshopper Warbler, Burton Marsh, April 23rd Frank Burns

Green Sandpiper in horse paddock, Leasowe Lighthouse, April 21st Sean O'Hara

Pink-footed Geese leaving the estuary past Hilbre, April 20th Alan Hitchmough

Cuckoos in Hoylake Langfields, April 20th Richard Whitby

Grasshopper Warbler at Meols, April 20th David Bradshaw

Sandwich Tern, Hilbre, April 20th Alan Hitchmough

Dunlins, many in breeding plumage, at West Kirby, April 20th Richard Smith

Common Cranes over Moreton, April 19th Graham Connolly

Grasshopper Warbler at Burton Point. April 18th Mark Woodhead

Black-tailed Godwits at Caldy Wildfowl Collection, April 18th Richard Smith

Male and female Redstarts at the back of the beach at Heswall, April 17th Steve Hinde

Whimbrel at Heswall, April 16th Steve Hinde

Ring Ouzel on Hoylake Langfields, April 14th Tony Ramsden

Spotted Redshanks with Redshanks and Black-tailed Godwits, Burton Mere Wetlands, April 14th
Mark Woodhead

Whinchat on Hoylake Langfields, April 13th Richard Whitby

Common Redstart at Leasowe, April 11th Ian McKenna

Cattle Egrets on Burton Marsh, April 11th Mark Woodhead

Water Rail at Parkgate, April 9th John Crook

Ring Ouzel at Riverbank Road, Heswall, April 7th Steve Hinde

Ring Ouzel on Hoylake Langfields, April 7th Richard Whitby
Sandwich Tern, Hilbre, April 6th Alan Hitchmough

Ring Ouzel on Hilbre, April 6th Alan Hitchmough

White Wagtail at Leasowe, April 5th Steve Round

Ring Ouzel at Leasowe Lighthouse, April 3rd Elliot Montieth

White Wagtail on Hilbre, March 29th Alan Hitchmough

Wheatear on Hilbre, March 28th Matt Thomas

Iceland Gull in the roost on Hoylake Shore, March 26th Allan Conlin

Waxwing at Neston, March 24th Steve Williams

Wheatear by Middle Eye, March 21st Alan Hitchmough

Stonechat at Leasowe Lighthouse, March 20th Graham Connolly

Avocets on Parkgate Marsh, March 19th John Crook

Waxwings at Neston, March 17th Nigel 'Wirral Guy'

Wheatear on the cliffs at Thurstaston, March 17th Steve Hinde

Greenshank in the channel by the groyne, Meols, March 16th Sean O'Hara

Short-eared Owl over Burton Marsh, March 13th Nigel Maitland

Grey Partridge in field by the Old Baths, Parkgate, March 13th John Hewitt

Water Rail at Parkgate, March 12th Dave Edwards

Dunlins at Meols on the flooding tide, March 12th Graham Connolly

Green-winged Teal on tide off Riverbank Road, Heswall, March 12th Alan Hitchmough

Green-winged Teal on Heswall Shore, March 9th Steve Hinde

Short-eared Owl at Denhall Quay, March 3rd Stuart Phillips

Short-eared Owl near Hilbre, March 3rd Alan Hitchmough

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