Sightings from Hoylake and Red Rocks by Jane Turner.

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May 6th.Red Rocks... 76 species recorded inc.
Pied Fly (1m), Spotted Flycatcher (4), Garden Warbler (3), Tree Pipit (20)
Common Sandpiper (1), Puffin, Redstart, Siskin(2)

May 7th - Red Rocks
Serin - female briefly at point - was in the poplars before flying off high.

May 9th
Fulmar prospecting.

May 13th.
Cuckoo 2, Spotted Flycatcher 1, Yellow wag 1, Peregrine.

May 14th
Red Rocks
Male Bluethroat in Buckthorn near point.
Wood Warbler 1, Spotted Flycatcher 4, Grey Wagtail 1.
Home (Hoylake)
Sedge Warbler 1
Whitethroat 1, Tree pipit 1

May 17th
Hoylake Shore
Manx Shearwater 45, Little Stint 1, Shag 1, Kittiwake 45, Dunlin 400

May 18th
Hoylake Shore
Fulmar 20, Manx Shearwater 15, Ringed Plover 150, Little Stint 4, Curlew Sand 1, Shag 1,
Dunlin 1500, Sanderling 25

19th May
Hoylake Shore
Little Stint 1, Manx Shearwater 15. smaller numbers of waders.

May 23rd
Hoylake Shore
Bar-tailed Godwit 75, Knot 150, Peregrine (throughout month - female) Grey Plover 40, Shag 1

May 24th
Hoylake Shore

May 26th Home (Hoylake)
Fulmar, Peregrine and Dunlin all in garden/airspace.  2 Dunlin dropped into
herbaceous border!

May 31st
Turtle Dove 1, still small numbers of Ringed P and Dunlin.

June 4th
Hoylake Shore
Peregrine 2 male joined the usual fem. Sanderling 2

June 5th
Red Rocks
Turtle Dove 1

June 6th Hoylake Shore
Manx Shearwater 489, Fulmar 25, Kittiwake 120, Guillemot 150, Razorbill 3, Ringed Plover

June 8th Hoylake Shore
Fulmar 1 prospecting

June 10th Hoylake Shore
Manxie 18, Fulmar 3, Gannet 10, Scoter 8, Guillemot 10, Razorbill 1, Dunlin 4,
Ringed Plover 2

June 12th Hoylake Shore
71 Manx Shearwater and peregrine

June 13th Hoylake Shore
108 Manx Shearwater, 58 Scoter, 25 Fulmar, 35 Guillemot and the obligatory peregrine

June 23rd Hoylake Shore
Manx Shearwaters are pouring past.e.g 365 W in 15 minutes 10:30-45.  Not been able to look that often - but they
are still moving in smaller numbers now.  More than 600 counted and probably 5 times that if I'd kept looking. I think that they may be circling back round the bay - hence double accounting going on here - but even so there are a lot out there!  If you assume it takes them an hour to circle from the point of Ayr back to Formby, there are at least 1400 out there.
Also Arctic Skua - 1st of year, and first Curlew since mid May, Dunlin and three Whimbrel as well.  175 common terns in evening, Little tern, 40 Fulmar and few Guillemot, Gannets etc

June 28th. Hoylake Shore
127 Common Scoter, Willow Warbler - presumed returning bird and a curlew today

June 30th. Hoylake Shore
26 Curlew, 1 Knot, 3 Dunlin, 12 Black-tailed Godwits - look like islandicas

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