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Erection of two individual composting toilet units

Telegraph Lookout Hilbre Island West Kirby

Application No: 20067540 

The Friends of Hilbre committee are pleased to note that the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral is applying for planning permission to erect two individual composting toilet units on Hilbre Island. This is excellent news as the existing arrangement is far from ideal.  

The committee has discussed this proposal and are very happy with the design of the units. However, we feel that an alternative location would be more suitable.  

To see details of the plans, go to and select ‘Planning Applications’ giving the number 20067540. Alternatively the plans can be inspected between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday at the: 

Technical Services Department

Wirral Borough Council

Cheshire Lines Building

Canning Street

Birkenhead CH41 1ND  

The location of the proposed units is in the open space adjacent to the picnic area below the Telegraph Lookout. This is marked on the plan if you look on the above website. 

The Friends of Hilbre committee feel that a more appropriate location for the composting toilet units is the area just below the slate shed on its east side, opposite the present bunkhouse.  

Committee’s points against the proposed site near the picnic area:

  1. This site is taking up a large area of the maritime heathland which is an important habitat of Hilbre Island.
  2. It is very close to the picnic area used by the public.
  3. Disabled access is difficult.
  4. It is exposed to the prevailing wind, which will cause odours to drift over the present buildings.
  5. As it is being placed in an open space, it will change the general view of the island, disrupting the visual layout of the listed buildings.

 Committee’s points for the location alongside the slate shed:

  1. It will have a smaller footprint as there is no need for landscaping.
  2. There is an existing soakaway already at this site which would need very little modification.
  3. It is not in an area of open space between listed buildings.
  4. It will be situated in an area of no botanical value to the island which is currently used as a composting site.
  5. It is out of sight but within easy reach of the picnic area.
  6. It is closer to the proposed disembarkation point for disabled access.
  7. It is out of the prevailing wind.
  8. Any odours will go straight off the island.
  9. A new building in this location would blend in better with the collection of smaller buildings already there.

If you agree with the committee, we would be most grateful if you could write  to the above address or email to (giving your name and address) before 1st February 2007 giving your reasons.