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Archived Newsletters (PDF Version):

Issue 64 November 2018

Issue 63 August 2018

Issue 62 April 2018

Issue 61 February 2018

Issue 60 November 2017

Issue 59 August 2017

Issue 58 April 2017

Issue 57 February 2017

Issue 56 November 2016

Issue 55 July 2016

Issue 54 April 2016

Issue 53 February 2016

Issue 52 December 2015

Issue 51 August 2015

Archived Newsletters (Web Page Version):

 Issue 13  Volume 1, August 2004 - Online version

Working together.   Who has lived on Hilbre in the past.    Parks Forum.    An experience of Hilbre. 
Plasterers,  Joiners & Plumbers.  Information Centre & Sea Watch.  Safety Notice.

Issue 14  Volume 1, November 2004 - Online version

Thank you Chris!   What we've been up to Summer of 2004.   Hilbre Island, a friend for life!
Stephen Hesford MP,   visit to Hilbre.   Ranger's Report - Hilbre's Flora   Safety Notice.

Issue 15  Volume 1, May 2005 - Online version

Annual General Meeting.   Hilbre Island and Wind Generated Power.   Help! We need advice & help with fund raising    Members page.    Hilbre's History in print.   Ranger's Report.   Mystery Wheels Found Buried in Sand.   Information Events and Volunteers.   Progress in Hilbre's Restoration.   Safety Notice.

Issue 16  Volume 1, October 2005 - Online version

What We Did This Year.  The Mobile Information Unit Report.   Website Report.   A Project for the Future: Hilbre Island Centre.  Hilbre Sunday - A personal recollection of halcyon days.   Starfish on Hilbre.   Plans for membership and newsletters 2006.   Advance Notice: Public Open Days - 2006.   Advance Notice: AGM 2006.

Issue 17  Volume 1, January 2006 - Online version

Advance Notice of AGM.   Update on Funding.   Practical Task Days.   Calling all Craftsmen and  women.   Mobile Information Unit (MIU).   Lookout, Seal Watch and  Open Days.   The Electric Telegraph Codes which may have been used by Hilbre Telegraph Station from about 1859.   Safety Notice.   

Issue 18  Volume 1, May 2006 Online version

Fundraising.   Seal Watch Training.   Donation Thank you.   Task with lunch.   Excavation on Hilbre.   Hilbre Memories. Groundwork Awards.   Update: Annual General Meeting 2006.  Safety Notice.

Issue 19  Volume 1, November 2006 - Online version

Funding Update.   Wedding.   Seal Watch Training.  Mayor's Visit.   Island Sheep.   Summer Task.   MIU Events.   Group Visits.   BBC Coast.   Book/DVD Review.   Safety Notice. 

Issue 20  Volume 1, January 2007 - Online version

Contacts.   Open Days of the Hilbre Interpretative Centre     Mobile Information Unit (MIU).  Tasks on Hilbre 2007. The Friends of Hilbre Family Evening.   Plans for Hilbre in 2007.   Funding News from the Friends.   Common Seal released into the Dee.   Archive Appeal.  Contributions to the Friends of Hilbre Newsletter.   Notes for the Annual General Meeting in May 2007.   Seal Watching Refresher/ Training Day March 2007.   Safety Notice.

Issue 21  Volume 1, May 2007 - Online version

Annual General Meeting.   Website.   History Research.   History and Heritage Fair.   Family Evening.   Seal Watching.   Funding News.   Mobile Information Unit (MIU).   Safety Notice.

Issue 22_23  Volume 1, December 2007- Online version

Contacts and Tides.   Excavating the site for the composting toilets site.   Note from the Treasurer.   History Day Course.   Task and Friends of Hilbre Lunch.   Mobile Information Unit (MIU).   Lewis Jones: Telegraph Station Keeper and Humanitarian.   Safety Notice.  Latest Newsletter.

Issue 24  Volume 1, March 2008 - Online version

Contacts and Tides.   AGM.   Hilbre Painting.   Newsletter.   History Day Course.   Wirral Ranger Service Events and Activities.   Note from Treasurer.   Compositing Toilets.   Seal Watching Group.   Safety Notice.

Issue 25  Volume 1, August 2008 - Online version

Contacts and Tides.   The Work of the Volunteers.   7th June - Task Report.   Brackenitis - a syndrome observed in labourers on Hilbre Island.   31st August - Task day with a buffet lunch.  Call for Volunteers to join the committee {co-opted}.   Local History Course.   Heritage Days: Hilbre Open Day,  Seal Watching & Mobile Information Unit: 14th & 21st September.   The New Composting Toilets.   Safety Notice.

Issue 26  Volume 1, November 2008 Online version

Thank you to All Our Volunteers.   Task Report: August.   MIU Report.   Hilbre Improvement by Joseph Hanik.  Helicopter Rescue.   Low Tide Walk with a Difference!   A Member's Report.  Transition Town West Kirby.   Safety Notice.

Issue 27  Volume 1, February 2009 - Online version

Volunteers.   Seal Watching.   Volunteer Dates.   Task Dates.   Erosion News.   Safety Notice.

Issue 28  Volume 1, May 2009 - Online version

AGM.   Notes on a Former Keeper.   Biological Research.  Tribute to Peter Williams.   Seal Watching Day.   June Task and Lunch.   Chairman's Words.   For Your Interest.   Safety Notice.

Issue 29  Volume 1, August 2009 - Online version

AGM Report.   Join the Volunteers.   Student's Report.   Task Report.   Mobile Information Unit Report.   For Your Interest.    Safety Notice.

Issue 30  Volume 1, December 2009 - Online version

Thanks.   Newsletter.   Seal Watching.   Last Task of the Year.   Mobile Information Unit.  Getting the Balance.   Safety Notice.

Issue 31  Volume 1, March 2010 - Online version

AGM.   Volunteers Schedules 2010.   Mobile Information Unit.   Seal Watch Training.   Sunday Lunch in June.   Family low tide walk.   Members of the public.   Committee. Safety Notice. 

Issue 32  Volume 1, September 2010 - Online version

Mayor's Visit.   Task on Hilbre.   Jellyfish.   Seal Numbers.   MIU News.   E-mail Newsletter.  Coastal Scene.   Safety Notice.

Issue 33  Volume 1, November/December 2010 - Online version

Friends of Hilbre Activities.   Seal Watch.   Dixon Family.   Hilbre Flora.   Web Cam.   E-mail Newsletter.   Coastal Scene.   Safety Notice.

Issue 34  Volume 1, March 2011 - Online version -

Editor's Note. Ranger's News.   Seal Watch Training Day for Members.   The Friends of Hilbre Dates in 2011.   Safety Notice.

Issue 35  Volume 1, April 2011 - 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! - Online version -

AGM.   Task Reports.   Notice Board.   Benefits in Kind.   Ten Years on!   Safety Notice. 

Issue 36  Volume 1, August 2011 -  Online version

AGM Report.   Desert Island Last Chance!   Come and join us.   No boat required.   Memorial Bench.
Fof H clothing.   Mid-week tasks.   MIU news.   Safety Notice.

Issue 37  Volume 1, November 2011- Online version -

Review of 2011.   Farewell and Thanks.   Member's picture.   Seal Watch. Thanks to you.  Wirral Friends of Parks Forum.   Editor's note: Breaking News.   Word Search.   Safety Notice.

Issue 38  Volume 1, February 2012 - Online version -

Volunteering 2012.   Island Tasks.   MIU dates.   Seal Watch dates.   Mid-week task report.  Safety Notice.

Issue 39  Volume 1, April 2012  - Online version

AGM Information.   Mid-week Tasks.   Membership Renewal.   Safe Route to Hilbre.   Safety Notice.

Issue 40  Volume 1, August 2012  - Online version

Memoirs of Hilbre - a member's story.   First Mid-week Task Report 2012.   Work of the Friends of Hilbre.   Letter from Dave.   Andy's Seat.   Safety Notice.

Issue 41 Volume 1, December 2012 - Online version -

Season's Greetings.   Mid-week Tasks.   Memoirs of Hilbre Part 2.   Editor's Note.   Wirral Bird Club.   Safety Notice.

Issue 42 Volume 1, February 2013 - Online version

Volunteering 2013.   Seal Watch/Open Days.   Mid-week Tasks.   Notes on Seal Watching 2013.  Weekend Tasks. Important changes to tasks.   E-mail Newsletter.   Mobile Information Unit and 2013 Dates.   Safety Notice.  

Issue 43 Volume 1, April 2013 - Online version

AGM.   E-mail Newsletter.   Mr Ross Memoirs.   Membership Fees.   Call for Volunteers.  Friends of Hilbre Committee 2012/13.   Thank you Richard.   Safety Notice.

Issue 44 Volume 1, September 2013 - Online version

Overview of Hilbre Island.   AGM 2014.   Summer Tasks 2013.   Membership Renewal  - Last Chance!!   Mr H.L. Ross's memories continued - part 4.  Safety Notice.

Issue 45 February 2014 - Online version

Chairman's Report.   100,000 Grant.   Trial of Low Tide Tasks at Weekends.   Friends Memories.  Fridge found on Middle Eye.   Seal Watching 2014.   Stranded Vehicles.   Storm Damage on Hilbre.   Overview of Hilbre Island [part 2]   Appeal for memorabilia  Volunteering with the Friends of Hilbre in 2014. Safety Notice.

Issue 46 - Online version April 2014

AGM.    Subscriptions.    Grants & Spending.    History & Heritage Fair.    2014 Tasks.    Honeycomb Reefs.    Marine Conservation Zones.    Important Link.
Amendments to Tasks.   
Safety Notice.    Archived Newsletters

Issue 47 - Online version September 2014

Chairman's Report.    2-day Task.    Hilbre Skeleton.    Wildlife.   
Appeal for World War 1 and World War 2 memorabilia.   
Safety Notice.    Archived Newsletters

Issue 48 - Online version
November 2014

Notes from the Chairman.     Seal Watching Day.     Seal Watching Report for 2014. Money Saver.     DUKWS and SEALS.     Another Good Year.     Animal Facts - Did you know?     Times gone by.     Safety Notice.     Archived Newsletters.

Issue 49 - Online version
March 2015